Salvia x superba

(Salvia virgata nemorsa) Long-branched Sage [UK]

A dominant planting of this superb hardy herbaceous perennial will immediately attract attention Its erect stems bear abundant rich violet-purple flower spires at their tops all summer through, so set it at the edge of a border Dwarf forms rise to less than halt the height of Ihe type plant, and include 'Lubeca (violet-blue 75cm/2yi highland East Fnesland' (violet-purpie, 45cm/tyt high) Height: 45-90cm (1&-3tt) Spread: 45-60cm [1 2t1) Cultivation: Rich, well-drained but moisture-retentive soil in full sun assures success Dry soils are not suitable Staking with twiggy pea-

sticks is necessary tor tall-growing forms in exposed areas Cut down old stems to soil-level in late autumn Propagation: 11 is easily increased by lifting and dividing congested plants during autumn or spring

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