Pontederia cordata

Pickerel Weed (UK and USA)

This is a hardy and vigorous herbaceous perennial for the edge of a garden pool in water up to 23cm (9m) deep The glossy deep green heart shaped leavesare borne on stiff, long, upright stems, with 5-lOcm (2-4in) long heads of purple-blue flowers during late summer and into early autumn Height: 45-75cm (1 h-2hK\ Spread: 30-45cm (1-1 !2ftJ Cultivation: Rich fibrous loam and a sunny position are needed, with the rhizomes covered by several inches of water Planting is best done during late spring or early summer

Propagation: it is best increased Py lifting and dividing the rhizomes m late spring Take care that they do not dry out Also make sure that the roots are submerged deeply until ihe plants are established

Pontederia cordata is ideal for the side of a formal pool where its foliage spills out over the edges, softening and blending the structured elements with the pool and creating a bright splash of colour

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