Polemonium foliosissimum

Jacob s Ladder (UK)

Jacob 's Ladder ■ Greek Valerian

A hardy herbaceous perennial from North America. Jacob's Ladder has stiff, upright stems bearing leaves formed of narrow, dark green leaflets. From early to late summer, it bears 12mm C&inj wide mauve-blue flowers in clustered heads. The handsome flowers are highlighted by orange-yellow stamens An early form is 'Sapphire', with light blue saucer-shaped flowers. Height; 75-90cm [¡§£-3ftj Spread: 45-60cm (1}^-2ft) Cultivation: Rich, deep, loamy soil in full sun assures success These plants soon exhaust the soil, which will need annual mulching or feeding with fertilizer Propagation: The easiest way to increase this plant is by lifting and dividing established clumps in autumn or spring

Below Polemonium foliosissimum

This herbaceous perennial is ideal for any border and flowers over a long penod of time. It needs rich soil because the roots quickly exhaust the supply of nutrients

Physostegia virginiana is a reliable plant for a mixed or herbaceous border The deep lilac-purple variety Summer Spire' needs non-conflicting colours set around it at a lower level.

Polemoniums come mostly from North America, but

Polemonium caeruleum originated in Europe and Asia as well It gained its first name from King Polemon of Pontus an ancient country in North-east Asia Minor

ADOV' Salvia x superba

This hardy eye-catching herbaceous perennial forms a dominant splash of colour in any border

Above Salvia viridis s a beautiful hardy annua: with pale pink or purple flowers which feature especially striking coloured bracts at tne tops of the stems It is raised as a half-hardy or a hardy annual, and it delights in a sunny and well-drained position Jn the garden

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