Picea pungens Thomsen

This eye-catching blue spruce has an upright, cone-like growth habit and branches packed with silvery-blue foliage. During spring, it develops a tresh growth of very pale silver-blue that contrasts with the older and darker foliage. It forms a small to medium-sized tree, reaching only 2-1 m (7ft) high and 1 m (3)6(0 wide after ten years Height: 9m (30ft) Spread: 3m (10ft) Cultivation: Moist deep soil—acid or neutral - is best, and a position In slight shade or full sun. Propagation: It is a grafted form and therefore plants tend to beexpensive Raising new plants is best left to nurserymen

Righi Picea pungens Thomsen

This is a beautiful blue spruce with a cone-shaped outline The foliage is thick and the needles long It grows steadily into a strong, upright shape

Picea pungens Köster' brings height to a small planting of heathers or the edge of a small rock garden. Eventually it torms a large plant, but up to the age of 15-20 years it is quite suitable for a small area

Picea pungens Pendula' must be given space and an open situation where other plants do not compete for attention. For colour contrast, set it in a sea of Heather (Callune vulgaris], selecting forms with g old-tinted foliage.

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