Picea pungens Pendula

This distinctive blue conifer—often known as Picea pungens Giauca Pendula'—sometimes has an erratic shape but can be recognized by is down-swept branches and glaucous-blue leaves During spnng, the young growths are tufted and pale blue. It often produces two leading shoots one needs to be trained upright, while the Other trails downwards

Height; 3-54m [10-18ft] Spread: 3-5'4m (10-18ft] Cultivation: Moist, deep soil—acid or neutral—is best, and a position in slight shade or full sun Propagation: it needs lo be grafted onto a stock of Pcea pungens. so the plants are often expensive to buy, as with P pungens Koster

Above Picea pungens Pendula

With careful training and pruning this often unpredictable conifer can be persuaded to develop a superb weeping shape and to create an exciting focal point in any garden

L_eft Picea pungens Koster

This is one of the best blue spruces with a neat pyramidal habit It looks especially attractive in spnng when the young and fresh growths appear on the branches

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