Physostegia virginiana

(Dracocephaium virgin ¡an urn] Obedient Plant (UK) Ohedience ■ False Dragonhead Lion s-head (USA)

This distinctive hardy herbaceous perennial bears long spires of mid-summer tubular pink-mauve flowers above large glossy, dark green, coarsely-toothed leaves. The plant gets its common name trom its flowers, which have hinged stalks and can be moved from side to side, remaining as positioned Several forms are available, including Rose Bouquet' (pink-mauve) Summer Spire' (deep lilac-purpie) and 'Vivid (deep pink).

Height: 45cm-1m [1 !4-3fefQ Spread: 45-60cm (1],-2ftj Cultivation: This plant needs

Above Physostegia virginiana Rose Bouquet

A native of North America, this popular hardy herbaceous perennial bears spires of mauve-pink, tubular flowers which resemble small snapdragons.

ordinary fertile garden soil that does not dry out during summer During autumn, cut it down to soil-level Propagation: It Is easily increased by lifting and dividing plants in autumn or spring. Alternatively, during spring, take 5-7-5cm (2 3inJ long cuttings, insert them in pots of sandy compost and place these in a cold frame. When the cuttings are rooted, pot them up and plant them out into their flowering positions n autumn In cold areas with wel soil, plant them during spring.

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