Myosotis alpestris

[Myosotis rupicota/Myosotis sylvatica alpestris) Forget-me-not (UK) Forget-me-not Scorpion Grass (USA)

This well-known hardy perennial, best treated as a hardy biennial, is ideal for planting in a container a rock garden or a bed with spring-tiowering bulbs where it forms a dense blanket of fragrant azure-blue flowers from late spring to midsummer. Several exciting forms are available, including 'Ultramarine' (deep blue] and Blue Ball' [rich indigo-blue)

Height: 1D-20cm (4-8in) Spread: 15-23cm (6-9m) Cultivation: Moderately fertile well-drained but moisture-retentive soil in light shade is best Propagation: During mid-summer, sow seeds 6mm (Jiin) deep in a well-prepared seedbed When they are large enough to handle, plant out the seedlings 15cm (6in) apart in nursery rows. If originally sown thinly they can ¬°usl be Ihinned to 15cm (6in) apart Keep the rows weeded and in autumn plant out into their flowering positions

Myosotis alpestris can form an ideal low edging to beds, with a centre planting of the higher-growing [30cm/1ft] Myosotis sylvatica Blue Bird' and yellow or light orange tulips

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