Lobelia erinus

Edging Lobelia (USA) This well-known reliable border edging and container plant is a hair hardy perennial in variably grown as s half-hardy annual. It has light green leaves, with masses of 6mm (5<in) wide pale blue or white flowers from early summer lo the frosts of autumn There are both trailing and compact border edging varieties, in a range of colours The border-edging compact types include Cambridge Blue {pale Plus], "Crystal Palace'(darkblue)and MrsClibran [briltiant blue) Trailing types Include

Blue Cascade' (Cambridge blue) and Sapphire' [brilliant blue} Some varieties, such as Colour Cascade Mixed reveal flowers in shades ol blue mauve, red and rose Height: l0-23cm (4-9in] spread: 10-15cm [4-6in] Cultivation: Fertile, moist garden soil in a sheltered and sunny position in light shade suits it In containers use well-drained loam-based compost

Propagation: During fate winter and early spring, sow seeds thinly and sballowly in pots of loam-based compost ai 15°C (59°Fj As soon as the seedlings can be handled

Above Lobelia erinus

These are indispensable hall-hardy annuals for both containers and the garden When growing them in containers take care that the compost does not dry out during summer especially when in shallow urns that hold relatively small amounts of compost prick them out into boxes of loam-based compost and harden them of) In a Cold frame Move Ihe plants to the garden when all risk of frost is over To create an instant display of colour plani lobelias in pots in a greenhouse.

Lobelia erinus blends with a wealth of other piants. A happy combination for containers is the pink-flowered fibrous-rooted Begonia semperftorens Pink Avalanche and Lobelia erinus Cambridge Blue

Lobelia erinus is a good bed fellow for geraniums in both containers and borders Try pink pelargoniums with dark blue lobelia, or light or dark blue lobelia with French Mangolds (Tagetes pa tula) thai display strong, rich coiours

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