Liriope muscari

Turf Lily (UK and USA)

This hardy, compact and clurrtp-torming evergreen perennial has dark green grass-like leaves and upright stems, which bear 7-5-13cm [3-5in) long spikes of bell-shaped, lilac-mauve flowers from late summer through to autumn. The species Liriope spicata is quite similar, but with more erect and narrower leaves From late summer and :nto autumn if displays 5-7 5cm (2-3in) long spikes of bright mauve. Deli-shaped flowers. It is slightly shorter than Liriope muscari. rising to a height of 38cm (15r) Height: 3D-38cm (12-t5tn) Spread: 38-45cm (15-18in) Cultivation: Welt-drained light and fertile soil in full sun or slight shade suits it well. Remove the flower heads when they fade. Propagation: During spring, lift and divide congested clumps.

Linum narbonense with its cottage-garden appeal, is Liriope muscari is ideal for the edge of a border or at home by the side of an old-looking flight of steps. alongside a path. It harmonizes well with the Autumn against a weathered wall or as a perfect toil for Crocus {Colchicum autumnalel Nerine bowdenii or grey-leaved plants. Sedum x Autumn Joy

Beauty Florence

Lupinus poiyphyllus 'Russell Hybrids'

These hardy herbaceous perennials are familiar to most gardeners. Their slender upright spires of blue or red mid-summer flowers are borne above mid-green leaves formed of a circle of ten to seventeen leaflets. Many superb blue forms are available, such as 'Bluejacket', Freedom'. Jane Eyre' and Josephine' Height: 90cm-t 5m [3-5ft] Spread: 60-9 Ocm [2-3f:J Cultivation: Well-drained moderately-fertile soils are best, in full sun or light shade. Set the plants In position in autumn or spring, and cut them down to soil-level in autumn. Propagation: Increase named forms from 7-5-1 Ocm [3-4m) long basa cuttings in spring, inserted in pots of sandy soil and placed in a cold frame. When the cuttings are rooted, pot them up into small pots of loam-based compost. Plant them into permanent positions in autumn or spring, when the sol is workable

Right: Lupinus poiyphyllus Russell Hybrids

These hardy herbaceous perennials are popular and reliable plants for any garden, providing a mass of colour. They grow equally well in slightly acid or neutral soils, and in lull sun or light shade.

..eft Nemophila menziesii

This hardy annual has a rather spreading growth habit and bears sky-blue buttercup-like flowers from ear/y summer on wards. It is ideal for edging an annual border or even a mixed border.

Nemophila menziesii

[Nemophila insignis) Baby Blue Eyes (UK and USA) This bright-eyed hardy annual from California has light green deeply-cul feathery foiage and 3cm ; I 'a n." wide, sky-blue, flowers with white centres from early to late summer

Lupinus poiyphyllus Russell Hybrids mixes with a wide range of herbaceous plants. highlight the flowers by planting it againsi a darn green hedge, or use its own foliage as a backcloth for lower-growing plants.

Nemophila menziesii has flowers ihai are not colour dominant, so it can be mixed with plants such as the Poached Egg Plant [Limnanthes douglasii}, with its yeHow-centred white flowers.

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