Lavandula stoechas

French Lavender [UK] French Lavender Spanish Lavender (USA)

This hardy evergreen shrub is native to the Mediterranean region. It has narrow, grey-green leavesand distinctive, deep purple, tubular flowers borne on 2 5-5cm (1-2mj long four-angled spikes during early to mid summer It is characterized by lulled purple bracts (modified leaves) borne at the tops of the llower spikes. Height: 30-45cm [1-T--ft) Spread: 45-60cm £1fe-ZftJ C u I ti va tio n: Lig h t. we I l-d ra i ned soils and an open and sunny position suil it It is not as hardy as the English Lavender and during severe winters can be seriously damaged in exposed areas

Propagation: During late summer, take 7 5cm (3in) long cuttings and insert them in pots of equal parts peat and sharp sand. Place them in a cold Irame Pot them up when they are rooted and plant them out into the garden m spring

Righ: Lavandula stoechas

This pretty lavender has distinctive deep purple flowers topped by purple bracts [modified leaves] that persist long after the actual flowers have faded.

Lett Hydrangea macrophylla

Hortensia hydrangeas are reliable garden favourites, creating a dominant display of mop-like heads from mid to late summer

Lavandula stoechas brings height and colour lo a rock garden Eifen after the flowers have laded the grey-green leaves provide an attractive feature Cover the soil with stone chippings to add extra interest and stop soil splashing on the leaves

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