Iris kaempferi

Japanese Ins [USA)

This beardless ins belongs to a group that delights in moist soil It displays deeply ribbed deciduous, deep green leaves, and I0-20cm [4-8in] wide flowers in early summer Many varieties and strains of this iris have been developed, with colours including blue, reddish-purple, pink and white Some are completely one colour, while others have a mixture and a tew reveal a netting o! white or coloured veins Height: 60-9Ocm (2-3ft) Spread: 45-60cm (V/z-2tt) Cultivation: Moist soil at the edge of an informal pool is best, but the roots

Iris gracilis is a dwarf ins that is ideal for a sheltered iris kaempferi forms a bold display at the side of a pocket in a rock garden. Alternatively, plant it pool, ideal as a backcloth for the pool itself and among small acid'loving shrubs that offer shade and for bringing height lo the pool surrounds. The large, protection for the delicate flowers. bright flowers are best grown on their own should not be set in the water Rich soil and an annual mulch ot well-rotted compost are aids to success Plant the rhizomes just below the surface during the Spring or autumn

Propagation: It is easily increased by lilting and dividing ihe rhizomes immediately tlowenng is over At this time the plants can be easily lifted, even from very boggy soil They must be replanted immediately.

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