Iris cristata

Dwarf Crested Ins Crested Iris Crested Dwarf Ins [USA ) This is a beautiful North American dwarl crested iris fora rock garden. Dunng late spring, it bears 5-6-5cm (2-2&in) wide, lilac-purple flowers, whose white crests are tipped with orange

Height: 15cm (6in) Spread: 15-20cm (6-8in) Cultivation: Slightly moist, fertile soil enriched with leaf mould is needed either slightly acid or neutral A sheltered position in light shade is desirable.

Propagation: After flowering, lift and divide the plants, replanting the rhizomes immediately.

Below Iris cristata

This dwarf crested ins from the Southern States of North Amenca needs slightly acid or neutral soil in light shade It is well suited to planting in a peat bed

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