Ipheion uniflorum

(Brodiaea unifiora Milla uniflora Tnteleia uniflora]

Spring Starflower [UK and USA) Thts beautiful and reliable bulbous plant forms a hummock ot grass-like leaves and 5cm (2ln) wide, slx-petalled, star-shaped, scented (towers during spring. They range from white to deep lavender-blue in colour There are several good vanelies, including Caeruleum (pale blue], Wisley Blue (violet-blue) and "Vioiaceum1 (violet). Height: 15-20cm (6-8in) Spread: 7-5-1 Ocrn (3-4in), but plants grow together to form a large clump Cultivation: Ordinary well-drained garden soil in full sun suits it A sheltered position is also needed Plant the bulbs 5cm (2in) deep In autumn

Propagation: During autumn, lift and divide large clumps replanting the bulbs immediately so that they do not dry out Youcanalsodo this immediately after flowering

Right Gentiana sino-ornata

This beautiful and well-known Chinese and Tibetan gentian is a true delight in autumn, and when seen in a large dnft is highly memorable tt needs a soil net) in leafmould The narrow mid-green testes provide a perfect toil tor the dominantty-coloured pnlhant blue, trumpet-shaped flowers

Below (phelon uniflorum Vioiaceum

This beautiful form of the Spring Starflower bears lovely six-petalled flowers dunng spring It is native to Peru and Argentina It is ideal for creating low hummocks of colour alongside paths and looks especially attractive at the sides of crazy-paving and gravel paths

Ipheton uniflorum makes a welcome early splash of colour in rock gardens or as an edging (o paths in borders it can be combined wiih deciduous azaleas and Rhododendron luteum

Gentiana sino-ornata is often difficult to combine with olher plants and is therefore best seen on ,ls own, planted as a iarge, bold Splash of colour against a wail or foliage plants

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