Hyacinthus orientalis

Common Hyacinth Garden Hyacinth (UK) Hyacinth Dutch Hyacinth Common Hyacinth (USA) These beautifully-seen led bulbs are equally at home whether in spring bedding schemes or in raised beds, tubs Iroughsand window-boxes The true species is no longer generally grown and Iheretore it is the larger-ifowered Dutch Hyacimhs thai are commonly seen These have elegant, scented. 10-15cm (4-6in) high spires of wax-like (lowers in a wide range of colours, including blue. Height; 15-23cm [6-9inJ Spread: 10-15cm (4-6in) Cultivation; Light well-drained but moisture-retentive soil suits it, and when grown in a garden the bulbs can be set in position, 13-I5cm (5-6in) deep, in autumn This is usually done after summer-flowenng pianls have been removed from the border or container The bulbs are left m posilion until after they flower then lifted and re-planted in an out-ot-the-way position where they can be left undisturbed to flower during the following and successive years When grown in containers, use a loam-based compost, setting the bulbs 13-15cm {5-6in] deep and Ihe same distance apart'Plant the bulbs during autumn. When grown in small-area containers window boxes and troughs—take care to ensure that the compost does not become totally saturated with water and ihen freeze for long penods during winier Large tubs usually need less care and attention After llowenng. the bulbs can be lifted and planted among shrubs. Propagation: Although hyacinths can be raised from seeds, they take up to six years to produce flowering-sized bulbs by this method and even then large-flowered types do not always come true It is therefore much easier to buy flowering-sized bulbs each year Make sure you buy your bulbs from a reputable supplier who can guarantee their quality.

ielt Hyacinthus orientalis Ostara

This is a deep purple-blue hyacinth that produces a dense sea of colour in borders or containers It also gives off a wonderful seen!

Abovi Hyacinthus orientalis

The fragrance and colours ol these towers can be better appreciated when they are grown in containers or raised beds. Such beds are easily maintained by gardeners who are in wheelchairs or have infirmities that prevent them from bending But take Care not to make the beds too wide or the wrong height

Hyacinthus onentalis can be mixed with many other bulbs, such as Grabe Hyacinths, species tulips and yellow crocuses. Another combination is bluecrocuses, Grape Hyacinths, species tulips and Narcissus cyclamineus February Gold' 72 _

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