Fuchsia magellanlca Pumlla

Height 15-20cm (6-Bin) Spread 25-30cm (10-12in) This dwarf but spreading form of the hardy fuchsia s dainty and small enough for tubs, where it reveals red and purple flowers from mid to late summer and often mlo autumn

Petunia x hybrids

Common Garden Petunia (USA) Height; 25-38cm (10-15in) Spread 30-38cm (12-15in) A half-hardy perennial best grown asa hall hardy annual, and used in containers as well as for bedding schemes in the garden The large trumpet-shaped flowers from mid to late summer and often into autumn are available in a wide colour range including mauve and blue Among these are Resisio Blue (mid-blue) Polaris'(deep blue with a white star) Blue Frost (deep violet-blue with a pure white edge) and Blue Bedder (blue) There are also many vaneties with mixed colours, including blue, wolei and mauve

Myosotls alpestris also looks splendid when planted in a spring-flowering bedding display with creamy-yellow tulips and an occasional edging tuft of the lemon-gold Alyssum saxatile Citnnum

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