Felicia bergeriana

Kingfisher Daisy (UK and USA) This stunningly attractive halt hardy annual has a mat-lorming habit and grey, hairy, lance-shaped leaves The 18mm (%in) wide, steel-blue flowers with gold centres appear from mid to late summer It is ideal for growing in containers, such as tubs, troughs and window-boxes, as well as for positioning as an edging to paths or in a rock garden Height: 15cm [6in] spread: 15-20cm [6-8in] Cultivation: Well-dratned garden soil and a sheltered position in full sun suits it. When grown in containers use a well-drained loam-based compost. Propagation: ^rom early to mid-spring sow seeds thinly in pots Of loam-based seed compost at 15°C (59°F- Prick out the seedlings into boxes of loam-based compost and harden them off in a cold frame. Set the plants out in the garden or in containers during late spring, after all risk of frost has passed

Right Felicia bergeriana

This is an eye-catching half-hardy annual ideal for growing in con-' tamers, as a path edging or in a rock garden. It is a South African plant that requires a sheltered and warm position.

Felicia bergeriana is neat and dwarf making it suitable for inclusion in a potpourri of bright annuals in containers These plants iook best when viewed from above, so do not plant them in high window-boxes

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