Eryngium bourgatii

Sea Holly (UK) Eryngo (USA)

There are several other superb Sea Hollies including Eryngium alpirium. with frilled collarsaround the bases of its steel-blue flower heads, and E. x ohverianum which is graced with deep blue heads

Eupatorium purpureum i$ a dominant plant, often standing above its neighbours. In a mixed border its height and colour create a pleasing combination with the blue Hydrangea macrophylla

Height: 1-2-1 3m [4-6ftJ Spread: 75-90cm Cultivation: Any good relatively moisture retentive and fertile soil suits It. In lull sun or light shade. During autumn cut down the stems to soil-level. It benefits from a mulch with well-rotted manure or garden compost every spring. Before applying it however hoe the surface to remove all weeds. Propagation: It is easily increased by lifting and dividing established clumps In autumn or spring.

Lett Festuca glauca

This densely-tufted perennial grass is ideal tor the from of a border To create an impressive clump, use three or five plants, each 20cm (Sin) apart.

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