Cotinus coggygria Notcutts Variety

This hardy deciduous shrub has eye-catching deep purple leaves that never lose their freshness and are ultimately semi-translucent. It also bears feathery purple flowers during mid-summer Height: 3 5-4 5m (12-I5ft) Spread: 3-3 5m (10-12ftj Cultivation: Any good well-drained garden soil and a position in full sun suit it Avoid rich soils, as it produces the best colour when in poor conditions No regular pruning is needed, other than initially shaping the plant when young Propagation: During late summer, take iQ-13cm (4-5m) long heel cuttings, inserting them in pots of eaual parts peat and sharp sand Place Ihe pots in a cold frame and during spring set out the young plants into a nursery bed until they are large enough to be planted out inthegarden Keep the nursery bed tree from weeds

Cotinus coggygria Notcutts Variety will produce a large specimen shrub on a lawn or as a backcloth for colour-contrasting plants. For small gardens, C C, 'Royal Purple' is better, growing to 3m [10ft] in height and the same width.

Cotinus Coggygria Notcutts

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    Where can I buy a Cotinus Coggygria "Notcutts Variety"?
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    Where to order cotinus notcutts variety?
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