Convolvulus tricolor

(Convolvulus minor) This beautiful hardy bushy annual from Southern Europe has dark green wide lance-shaped leaves and rich blue trumpet-shaped 4cm (IVin) wide flowers with yellow or white throats from mid to late summer Several superb varieties areava'iable including'Blue Flash at 23cm (9in) high with brilliant blue flowers with star-like white and yellow centres, and 'Royal Ensign' with a trailing habit and deep blue flowers displaying yellow and white centres Theshortervarietiesmclude Rainbow Flash' at 15cm (6in) high This is a new dwarf hybrid in a wide range of colours including blue, purple, pink and rose Height: 30-38cm (12-!5m) Spread: 2-25cm (8-tOm) Cultivation: Ordinary well-drained fertile garden soil and a sunny position suits them. Select a sheltered position, and the taller-growing types may require support from twiggy slicks These delightful plants are ideal for window-boxes and troughs, or at the fronts of borders And of course they can also be grown in annual borders Propagation: When growing for window-boxes or the fronts of borders sowseedsmearlyspnngin pots of 'Oam-based compost at

Agapanthus campanulatus needs a large container all Convolvulus tricolor brings a distinctive brightness to itself-do not try mixing it with bulbous plants. to borders, happily blending with many annuals

These are best planted in separate containers and stood such as French and African Marigolds [Tagetes around the agapanthus erecta and T. patula]

15°C (59°f; When they are large enough to handle, prick out the seedlings into boxes of loam-based compost and harden them off in a cold frame Plant them out when all risk of frost has passed. Alternatively sow seeds in late spring where the plants are to flower. 12mm (i?in) deep When largeenough to handle, Ihin ihe seedlings to 23cm [9in) apart. For larger plants, sow seeds under cloches during late summer.

Right Convolvulus tricolor Rainbow Flash'

This dwarf hybrid produces bright new flowers each morning, and ts ideal lor window-boxes, tubs and troughs Other varieties are a good choice for annual and mixed borders

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