Cobea scandens

Cathedral Bells Cup arid Saucer Vine (UK)

Mexican Ivy Monastery Bells Cup and Saucer Vine (USA)

This spectacular Mexican hall-hardy perennial climber is best grown as a hail-hardy annual Fast-growing, ids ideal lor Ireliiswork and pergolas, displaying mid to dark green leaves lormed ol Ihree pairs of leaflets, and 6 5-7-5cm (2&-3tn) long, bell-shaped purple flowers with green, saucer-like calyces (outer protective pads) from early to late summer In a greenhouse it soon reaches 6m (20ft) but it does not grow so tali outdoors.

Height: 3-4 5m (10-15ft) Spread: 1 8m (6ft) Cultivation: Ordinary well-drained garden soil and a sunny sheltered position are needed If the soil is too nch. excessive growth is produced at the expense of flowers Nipoutthe tips ol young plants to encourage the development of sideshoots. Wire supports or wooden trelllswork are needed for support. Propagation: During late winterand early spring, sow seeds singly 12mm 0>in) deep in 7-5cm (3in) pots containing loam-based compost and kept at 16°C (6t°F). When young plants are established move them to a cold frame to harden off. Plant them oul into the garden after all risk of frost has passed

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