Chelone obliqua

Tudle-head (UK) Turtlehead Snakehead (USA)

This interesting, rather curious-looking hardy herbaceous perennial has 2 5cm [tin] long deep rase snapdragon-like flowers during late summer. These are borne on stiff, erect stems, from joints also bearing dark green lance-shaped leaves with serrated edges Chelone lyonn, another North American native, is a hardy herbaceous perennial with terminal clusters of 2 5cm [tin] long pink flowers trom mid summer to early autumn The ptant eventually nses to about 75-90cm (2\ -3ft) high Height: 6D-75cm (2-2'?ft) Spread: 30-38cm (12-15m) Cultivation: -ertile, light, well-drained soli is needed, together with a position in full sun or light shade. In wind-protected gardens it may nol reguire support from twiggy sticks but in cold and exposed areas this becomes essential In autumn cut down the stems to soil level Propagation: It is easily increased by division of the roots during spring or autumn, replanting only Ihe young parts from around the outside of the clump Alternatively, seeds can be sown under glass in 15°C [59°H in early spring. Using this method takes two years to produce flowering-sized plants

...eft Ceratostigma wilimottianum

This nardy deciduous shrub is guite similar to Ceratostigma plumbagi-noides(farleft) However. C wilimottianum has lance-shaped leaves The small, nch blue flowers am bome in terminal clusters from midsummer to autumn and the leaves tum red m autumn II grows best in the shelter of a warm wall: in spnng, cutoutold. dead or damaged shoots to soil level. You can trim the entire plan! to make this job easier

Chelone obiiqua >s best planted in a mixed or herbaceous border alongside colour-contrasiing and vigorous herbaceous plants such as the Shasta Daisy. Chrysanthemum maximum


These fast-growing garden favourites car be divided into two main groups: those grown as half-hardy annuaisfor use m bedding schemes: and those that are best in mixed borders, mingled with herbaceous plants.

Above Dahlia Gypsy Dance

A bedding variety, ideal for the front of a border or in bedding schemes during summer The small highly-coloured flowers are available in single and double forms

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