Cercis siliquastrum

Judas Tree (UK) Judas Tree Love Tree (USA) A hardy, rounded, wide-spreading deciduous tree from the Orient and Southern Europe, the Judas Tree is said to be the treefrom which Judas Iscarioi hanged himself after the betrayal of Jesus Christ Whether or not this is true, there is no doubt that the tree is eye-catching and distinctive. It bears clusters of rich rose-purple flowers on bare branches in early summer After the flowers have taded it develops rounded glaucous-green leaves with heart-Shaped bases Subsequently it produces attractive flat, green pea-like pods tinted red when fully npe

Abies concolor Violácea Prosirata is another blue conifer ideal for a small garden II is semi or totally prostrate, with strongly-coloured silver-blue foliage Another prostrate blue form is Abies procera Glauca Pros! ra ta

Ceanothus Gloire de Versailles' originated in France. In

1830 a breeding programme was initiated lo raise new hybrids, and this shrub was one of the results. Most ceanothus shrubs with French-sounding names originated at that time

Cercis Siliquastrum

Height: 4 5-6m [15-2Oftj Spread: 3 5-4 5rn [10-15(1 Cultivation: Any good garden soil and a sunny position away from late spring frosts suit it. No regular pruning is needed Propagation: During spring sow seeds in pots of loam-based compost kepi at 13°C [55°F] Whentheyare large enough to handle, pot up the seedlings singly in loam-based compost and plunge the pots up to their rims m a sheltered corner Once established, the plants can be set out into the garden

Right Cercls siliquastrum

This is the well-known Judas Tree, which produces a wealth of colour along its bare branches in early summer. In colder areas it may require the protection of a south or west-lacing wait.

Above Ceanothus Gloire de Versailles

This strikingly impressive deciduous shrub produces targe heads ol powdery-blue flowers on open stems from mid to late summer It is best grown m a mixed border

Cercis siliquastrum i ideal tor blending with laie spring and early summer bulbs Often the tree becomes bare of low branches and bright bulbs can create vital colour and interest around large and mature trees.

Corylus maxima 'Purpurea produces its main burst of totiage colour at eye height, and is useful for bringing foca1 points to a shrub or mixed border. Its high stance allows it to be underplanted with spring-flowering bulbs—but not too close to its base, as _

Rig hi: Cotinus coggygria Notcutts Variety

This superb hardy shrub with an imposing stature bears beautiful deep purple leaves. It produces its best colour when planted in poor soil

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