Ceanothus rigidus

Califomian Lilac (UK) Monterey Ceanothus (USA) This beautiful half-hardy evergreen wall shrub has distinctive wedge-shaped dark green leaves and i8-25mm (VI in) long clusters of purple-blue tlowers during spring It has a stiff, upright, compact growth habit, ideal tor narrow or restricted areas

Height: 1 8-3m (6-tOft) Spread: 1 2-1 5m (4-5ft) Cultivation: Light, fertile soil and a warm wall facing south or west ensure success No regular pruning Is needed, other than shaping during formative years.

Abutlton vitifolium is superb with yellow-flowered Ceanothus impressus s superb when positioned shrubs and trees, such as the glorious bright yellow under a high window or at the side of a lower one daisy-like flowers of Senecio Sunshine and the Because of its neat, tight growth small late-winter and sweetly-scented yellow broom Genista cinerea spring-flowering bulbs can be sbi at its base

Propagation: During late summer lake half-ripe cuttings 6'5-7'5cm (2&-3in) long, inserting them in pots of equal parts peat and sharp sand Place them in a propagation frame at 16°C [61 °F) When the cuttings are rotted, pot them up into small pots of loam based compost, planting them out in the garden when they are well grown

Left: Ceanothus rigidus

This half-hardy evergreen shrub is ideal for a narrow, restricted area against a wail, it is a native of North America, and was first introduced into England in 1847,

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