Campanula medium

Canterbury Bell [UK and USA) Most gardeners know this lovely old hardy biennial, with an upright stance and 2-5-4cm il-1'^inj long bell-shaped blue, pink, white or purple flowers from late spring to mid-summer The best known form Is the so-called Cup-and-Saucer variety, 'Calycanthema. 'Bells of Holland'. 38cm (15in) high and with a conical growth habit, has a mixture of single flowers in shades of blue, mauve, rose and white Another form. 38-50cm (t5-20in) high, is Dwarf Musical Bells' with multicoloured bell-like flowers smothering the plants in blue, white and pink. Height: 45-90cm f1 K-Sftj

Aoove Campanula medium

This reliable old favourite hardy biennial should find a place in any garden. It is ideal for filling bare areas in mixed borders, or as a high edging to paths

Spread: 38-46cm (15-18in] Cultivation: Moderately nch, we1 drained soil in a sunny position suits this lovely plant.

Propagation: Trom spring to early summer, sow seeds 6mm Oiin] deep m a prepared seedbed After germination and when largeenough to handle, thin the seedlings to 23cm (9inj apart. Dunng autumn, plant ihern into their flowering positions when the soil is in a workable condition.

White or yellow-flowered ptants sook superb with this blue herbaceous perennial. The tall-growing forms blend well with Lihum regale and the Madonna Lily, Lilium candidum They can also join shape-contrasting Put similarly-coloured plants to create blue textures.

Campanula medium is ideal grown as bold clumps in a mixed border, where il will bring colour while permanent plants are developing, perhaps blending with other ephemera! plants such as Love-in-a-mist Nigella darnascena and Candytuft Iberis umbellata

Above Centaurea moschata Dobies Giant'

An easily-grown hardy annual bringing large fragrant flowers in pastel tints to O'c garden from early summer to autumn.

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