Campanula lactiflora

Milky Bellflomer [UK] This beautiful hardy herbaceous perennial has stems smothered in small light green leaves The miniature bell-like light lavender-blue (lowers appear during mid-summer There is a wide range of varieties, Including 'Prichard's Variety' al 90cm (3ft) with lavender-blue I lowers, Loddon Anna at 1-t 2m (3--4tt] with flesh-pink flowers, and Poufte at 25cm (10m] with light lavender-blue flowers Cultivation: Fertiledeeply-cultivaied and well-drained soil in full sun or slight shade suits it But ensure that the soil does not dry out during summer. The talt-growing varieties

Borago officinalis. many other seed- raised culinary and medicinal herbs, can be used in mixed borders or in odd corners, especially when a separate herb garden cannot be given entirely to them

Below: Campanula lactiftora Pouffe

A beautiful dwarf and hummock-forming campanula with light lavender-blue flowers duhng miOsummer Other forms of this campanula rise to 90cm- (■ 5m (3-Sftj.

need support rn exposed areas. Propagation: The easiest way to increase it is by division of large clumps during spring or autumn. Alternatively, take 4-5cm [1!£-2in] long cuttings in spring, inserting them in pots of equal parts peat and sharp sand and placing these in a cold frame. When ¡he plants are well grown, set them into their permanent positions in theganden. Alternatively, grow on the plants in a nursery bed before final planting.

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