Campanula cochleariifolia

(Campanula pusilia) Fames Thimbles [UK] A dainty, undemanding easily-grown hardy dwarf perennial, this is ideal for a rock garden it displays mid green, shailow-loothect leaves and 12mm f!-2inj long, nodding bell-shaped, sky-blue flowers during mid to late summer. A white form ts also ava liable-Height: 10-15cm (4-6tn) Spread: 30-38cm [12-15in] Cultivation: Well-drained soil and lull sun suit il Set the plants in position in autumn or spnng Propagation: It iseasiiy increased by lifting and dividing large clumps in autumn or spring. Alternatively, take soft cuttings 5cm (21n) long in spring, insert them in pots of equal pads pealand sharp sand and place these in a cofd frame. When the cuttings are rooted, pot them up into small pots until they are large enough to be planted in ihe garden When given thoroughly drained soil it soon spreads to lorm large mats of flowers and foliage.

Campanula cochleariitolia is ideal for trailing and cascading over rocks It also delights in growing between natural stone paving slabs, and is superb for planting at the sides of paths in large rock gardens

Above Chionodoxa luciliae gigantea

The dominant colour of these delicate flowers will brighten any garden in late winter. It is notafussy plant, and grows well in any well-drained soil in full sun. All chion odoxas are superb for bringing colour during late winter.

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