Below Veronica teucrium Trehane

This beautiful rock garden plant has golden-yellow leaves, and bears spires of pale blue flowers dunng most of summer. Irs foliage blends well with rocks, harmonizing with the colour of the stone.

Tecophilaea cyanocrocus .s a warmth-loving bulb that does well In situations similar to those needed by the tender South African nerines and the beautiful Algerian Iris (Iris unguiculans), also known as Iris stylosa

Veronica teucrium is ideal for planting at the front of borders as well as rock gardens especially mixed with yellow and white flowers, 'n a rock garden it blends well with the lemon-yellow Hypericum olympicum 'Citrinum

Above Viola cornuta

This beautiful hardy viola is ideal for well-drained but moist and fertile soils in sun or slight shade ttis perfect for bringing colour to path edges or in rock gardens There is also a white-flowered form

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