Below Endymion hispanicus

This striking bluebell forms large clumps in moist soil under light shade. When set in light woodland in a wild garden, it creates a carpet of colour from spnng to mid-summer

Endymion hispanicus can be planted with a wide range of plants, such as polyanthus, or underneath Magnolia x soulangiana with its white chalice-shaped flowers m spring It also looks good with other bulbous flowers

Erythroniums are a delight in a moist, naturalized area Other species useful for creating colour contrast are the American Trout Lily (£ revotutum). with pink [lowers, and E. tuofumnense with bright yellow flowers.

Right Gentiana acaulis

A beautiful but often variable plant for a rock garden, this gentian displays its brilliant blue trumpets in early summer It often spreads to form a large clump only a few inches high

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