Aubrieta deitoidea

This is one of the best-known rock garden plants, well suited for covering large areas and tor trailing over walls It is also useful as an edging to paths and for combining with herbaceous plants. There are many forms, originated from selected seedlings of this hardy, spreading and low-growing evergreen perennial These include Barker's Double' (rose-purple], Dr. Mules' [violet-purple], Henslow Purple (bright purple] Triumphant' (blue) and Tauricola' [deep purple-biue). Height: 7-5-1 Ocm (3-4in) Spread: 45 60cm (1Vr2ft) Cultivation: Well-drained, slightly limy garden soil and asunny position suit it best Keep the plants neat by trimming them after flowering Propagation: The plants can be easily increased by lifting and dividing them during early autumn.

Far right Aubrieta deitoidea Ballawfey Amethyst

This handsome, spreading ana trailing evergreen perennial Is ideal for cascading over walls as an edging to paths and even for growing with herbaceous plants There are many forms to choose from, with colours ranging from pink through to blue and violet-blue.

Right: Anemone coronaria

This is the well-known florists anemone, popular in both borders and in rock gardens, as well as being extensively grown for cut-flowers

Anemone bianda is striking when naturalized among the dappled light filtering through silver-barked trees. Also, try a mixture of anemones, polyanthus, Grape Hyacinths and Drumstick Primulas.

Aubrietia deitoidea harmonizes with many others including the hardy pink or white perennial Arabis caucasica. the yellow-flowered bulb Tulipa tarda, and the hardy perennial yellow Alyssum saxatile

Above Campanula cochleariifolia

This haidy dwarf perennial with its nodding thimble-like flowers is a delight m a rock garden It is one of the most amenable and rewarding Of aft campanulas

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