Aster x frikartii

This brightly-coloured hybrid aster between^ ¿meliusand A thomsonii reveals 5cm (2in) wide blue daisy like flowers with orange centres during late summer and well into autumn The variety Monch produces masses of ciear lavender-blue flowers with yellow rayed centres

Height: 75cm [EJfcfO Spread: 38-<!5cm (15-1 Sin]

Above Aster x trikartii Mönch

A superb hybrid aster bearing lavender-blue flowers dunng late summer and mto autumn it is useful tor providing colour earlier than Aster ameiius vaneties

Cultivation: Fertile well-drained soil and a sunny position suit this fiower Dry soil In late summer spells doom, bul at the same time excessive wetness from ill-drained soils is also detrimental Despite its height it does not need staking. In autumn, cut the flowered stems down to soil level. Aster x frikartii blends well wiih 1 ale (lowering plants: some combinations are given at the base ol the page For a really stunning arrangement use a mixture of Anemone x hybnda September Charm with clear pink flowers, Aster x frikartii Monch' and the pink Nenne bowdenii Fenwick's Variety Set these in from of the Chinese shrub Hydrangea villosa, which bears loose heads of pale purple flowers In late summer and early autumn Even a single combination o\ Aster x frikartii Monch and the white Anemone x hybnda "Ho norm© Jobert looks lovely Propagation: Dividing established clumps in spring is trie easiest method of increasing this plant Alternatively, take basal cuttings in spring and put them in a frame

Aster x frikartii is useful in herbaceous or mixed borders and can be grown with many other plants, such as Anemone x hybnda. Nerine bowdenn Fenwick's Variety Acanthus mollis and Sedum maximum Atropurpureum

Gardens Beauty

Left Bo/ago officinalis

This attractive hardy annual herb bnngs blue flowers to the garden over a long period. The fresh young leaves and flowers can be used in summer salads and fruit cups Flowers can also be dried for use in potpourris in the house

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