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If sparkling tinsel highlights Christmas trees, then the garden I equivalent (or a trellis or pergola must be clematis, an extensive and varied group of climbers with flowers in many colours, including blue, mauve and purple It is usually the large-flowered forms that are grown and one of the best is Clematis x ¡ackmann with violet-purple flowers from mid-summer to autumn This is especially attractive when grown with Rosa Mermaid' which has a rambling growth habit and large, single, sulphur-yellow flowers with deep amber stamens. Alternatively, this clematis looks splendid trained on a south-facing wall with a deep pink hydrangea at its base to create extra colour and provide a cool area of soil beneath for the rools of the clematis.

Clematis macropetala is one of the best ol all clematis, with pendulous, double, light and dark blue flowers II looks superb on a trellis, or scrambling out of a large and ornate container where it can merge with soft yellow flowers at the sides. Avoid strongly-coloured yellow plants as neighbours, since they may take on a dominant role instead of a supporting one.

When grown on a trellis. Clematis macropetala harmonizes with Common White Jasmine. Jasrninum officinale, which produces a tangied mass of heavily-scented primrose-shaped white flowers from mid to late summer and often into autumn

Laythyrus odoratus, ihe annual Sweet Pea cherished by flower arrangers, is a delight from mid to late summer, with its fragrant, highly-coloured flowers. It can be grown against a wall or up a tripod of canes and poles in a mixed border, where it provides a colourful focal point at eye level over a long period of time Varieties worth considering include Larkspur [pale blue). Noel Sutton [deep rich mid-blue). Blue Danube (deep mid-blue). Evensong (soft blue). Blue Manile (deep violet-blue), The Doctor (mauve). Eclipse (deep mauve). Milestone (bright velvety purp e) and Royalist' [a beautiful rich purple)

Heights and spreads given for the plants in this chapter should only be taken as guides. If more space is available in one direction, the plant will adapt its growth accordingly

Left. The evergreer Ceanothus impressus grows best against a warm wall where it creates a dominant display of deep blue flowers m spring

Flowering Maple ■ Parlor Maple Indian Maple [USA]

Above Abutilon vltMolium

This nearly-hardy shrub is a delight when set against a warm wall, where it will produce pale to deep mauve flowers in early and midsummer It likes the shade and protection afforded by nearby plants.

Abutilón vitifolium

Flowering Maple ■ Parlor Maple Indian Maple [USA]

This beautiful deciduous shrub needs the protection of a warm walk and grows best in milder climates It develops downy, grey, three or five-lobed palm-like leaves, and 5cm (2m) wide, pale to deep mauve flowers that open flat during earty and mid-summer. The form Veronica Tennanf produces large tlowers.

Height: 2 4-5m [8-15ft) Spread: 15-2 lm(5-7tt) Cultivation; Well-drained ordinary garden soil suits it: choose a position in slight shade and against a warm south or we si-facing wall No regular pruning is needed. Propagation: It is best raised from seeds sown in mid-spring in loam-based compost at 16°C [61°F] When they are large enough to handle, prick out the seedlings into pots of loam-based com post and place them in a cold frame Once the young plants are established, plant them out into a nursery bed for a couple of years

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