Belgian Indian Azaleas

The azaleas in this group are sometimes illustrated and described in gardening books as Azalea simsit or Asaiea indka, which is rather misleading because their origin is so complex that they cannot be related

Indian Azalea 'Leopold Astrid' none of the many varieties Of these highly decorative amicus y

Azalea Hybrids Bonsai

to one species. It is less confusing if they are referred to as Indian azalea hybrids. The prefix 'Belgian' is often added because millions of plants are raised in Belgium every year of which about 85 per cent are exported.

This group contains some of the most attractive and beautiful flowers of all the evergreen azaleas, but the plants are not frost-hardy and need the protection of a greenhouse during the cold months of the year. All gardeners will be familiar with these plants as they are the azaleas sold by florists. In fact they are sometimes referred to as the 'florist's azalea'.


The plants in this group are so named because they originated from the Kurume region in Japan. Kurume hybrid plants are usually bushy, and as they

Kurume Azalea 'Hi no-Mayo' is a very slow growing evergreen Japanese aiale» which wiil flower in the winter are slow-growing make excellent pot plants which can last for 20- 30 years before they become too big. They are frost-hardy and are, in fact, usually offered for sale as garden plants, and are readily available as named varieties. The flowers, which on well-grown plants completely cover the plant, are single or hose-in hose.

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