Lamiales: Introduction and Conspectus

J.W. Kadereit 1

Bignoniaceae E. Fischer, I. Theisen and L.G. Lohmann 9

Buddlejaceae B. Oxelman, P. Kornhall and E.M. Norman 39

Byblidaceae J.G. Conran and R. Carolin 45

Callitrichaceae C. Erbar and F. Leins 50

Carlemanniaceae M. Thiv 57

Cyclocheilaceae Sebsebe Demissew 60

Gesneriaceae A. Weber 63

Globulariaceae G. Wagenitz 159

Hippuridaceae P. Leins and C. Erbar 163

Labiatae R.M. Harley, S. Atkins, A.L. Budantsev, P.D. Cantino,

  1. J. Conn, R. Grayer, M.M. Harley, R. de Kok, T. Krestovskaja, R. Morales, A.J. Paton,
  2. Ryding and T. Upson 167

Lentibulariaceae E. Fischer, W. Barthlott, R. Seine and I. Theisen 276

Martyniaceae H.-D. Ihlenfeldt 283

Myoporaceae I. Theisen and E. Fischer 289

Nesogenaceae R.M. Harley 293

Oleaceae P.S. Green 296

Pedaliaceae H.-D. Ihlenfeldt 307

Phrymaceae P.D. Cantino 323

Plantaginaceae A.E. Schwarzbach 327

Plocospermataceae L. Struwe and S.R, Jensen 330

Scrophulariaceae E.Fischer 333

Stilbaceae H.P. Linder 433

Tetrachondraceae S.J. Wagstaff 441

Trapellaceae H.-D. Ihlenfeldt 445

Verbenaceae S.Atkins 449

Index to Scientific Names 469

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