Aizoon L

Fig. 3D

Aizoon L., Sp. PI.: 488 (1753); Adamson, J. S. Afr. Bot. 25: 29-50(1959).

Dead remains of plants sometimes persisting over several years, all parts hairy. Leaves often crowded, petiolate or sessile, flat to cylindrical. Inflorescence mostly frondose, flowers often seemingly solitary or in seemingly axillary groups, interior of perianth white, yellow, or pink; stamens few to many, filaments filiform. Fruit with a central impression, expanding keels short, lifting the valves only slightly, or long. Seeds with concentric ridges. Eleven spp., S Africa, N and E Africa, Asia Minor and adjacent regions, S Spain, introduced as a weed into suitable climates, the natural distribution can therefore not be reconstructed.

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