• Hummingbirds: Hummingbirds, which feed mostly on insects, are a wonderful addition to your garden. They are primarily attracted to red and orange tubular shaped flowers with lots of nectar but may be attracted to other vibrant colors. Plan for year round bloom.
  • Seed-eating Birds: Enjoy the antics of a variety of birds as they harvest seeds from your flowers. Many of the native wildflowers are great food sources for birds. To feed the birds, you must allow the flowers to go to seed and let the birds provide the color and beauty of the garden for a bit. Some people can not tolerate the "messy" look of seed stalks.
  • Butterflies: One of the best ways to ensure having butterflies in your garden is to nurture the caterpillars. Think of them as baby butterflies. Learn to identify and enjoy them. Butterflies are attracted to wide, flat flowers on which they can easily land. Position plants in a sunny place, sheltered from wind. Grow large clumps of flowers. Maintain diversity in height, color and blooming period.

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