Generalized Key to Plant Nutrient Deficiency Symptoms

  1. Effects occur mostly on older or lower leaves of plant; effects generalized or localized.
  2. Whole plant more or less uniformly affected; may exhibit drying or firing in lower leaves.
  3. Plants light green; chlorosis in lower leaves (progresses down the midrib), more or less drying or firing of lower leaves; plants may be stunted or woody; stalks short and slender if element is deficient in later stages of growth_NITROGEN
  4. Plants dark green, young leaves appearing abnormally dark green; stems and leaves usually highly pigmented with purplish red, especially near end of shoots; stalks short and slender if element is deficient in later stages of growth. Fruiting often delayed. Vegetative growth less than
  5. Effects on plants localized; mottling or chlorosis with or without spots of dead tissue on lower leaves; little or no drying up of lower leaves.
  6. Mottled (often prominently) or chlorotic leaves; may redden as with cotton; sometimes with dead spots; tips and margins turned or cupped
  7. Mottled or chlorotic leaves with large or small spots of dead tissue.

Plants perhaps not particularly stunted; stalks may be slender; leaves, especially the older ones, scorched and dying at tip and outer margins. Leaf margins often crinkled and curled. Corn stalks may be brittle (browning of tissue evident in split joints, especially toward base of plant) with cobs not normal

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