Provide Bird Feeders

Blue jays, house finches, downy woodpeckers, goldfinches, orioles and juncos can't resist feeders stocked with seeds, nuts and fruits. Beckon the largest and most diverse avian crowd by varying the types of feeders and the offerings. Chickadees, cardinals and woodpeckers visit hopper feeders for seeds. Tube feeders' tiny seed-dispensing slots invite small birds such as goldfinches, purple finches and pine siskins. Ground-I eve I trays stocked with millet summon sparrows and doves. Hummingbirds visit red-accented nectar feeders filled with one part white sugar to four parts water.

ABOVE: Cardinals come in pairs. The brightly colored male attracts most of the attention and calls out to his female partner who is hiding nearby.

LEFT: Bird feeders attract seed-eating birds. Add a vine-covered arbor to create a nesting spot and a place for birds to retreat to while eating.

Drawings Bird Feeders

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