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To ensure best results, we ship you living sheets of genuine Amazoy "Zoysia Grass, harvested direct from our farms. Plugs are not cut all the way through. Before planting, simply finish the separation by cutting T-sq. Plugs with shears or knife. Then follow the irvduded easy instructions to plant Plugs into small plug holes about a foot apart. Our guarantee and planting method are your assurance of lawn success backed by more than S decades of specialized lawn experience.

Eliminates Endless Weeds And Weeding!

No more pulling out weeds by hand or weeds sprouting up all over your lawn. Zoysia Plugs spread into a dense, plush, deep-rooted, established lawn that drives out unwanted growth and stops crab-grass and summer weeds from germinating.

Environmentally Friendly, No Chemicals Needed!

No weeding means no chemicals. You'll never have to spray poisonous pesticides and weed killers again! Zoysia lawns are safer for the environment, as well as for family and pets!

Cuts Watering & Mowing By As Much As 2/3!

Many established Zoysia lawns only need to be mowed once or twice a season. Watering is rarely, if ever, needed-even in summer!

Save Money!

Stays Green In Summer Through Heat & Drought!

When ordinary lawns brown up in summer heat and drought, your Zoysia lawn stays green and beautiful. The hotter it gets, the better it grows. Zoysia thrives in blistering heat ¡120°). yet rt wont winter-kill to 30° below zero. It only goes off its green color after killing frosts, but color returns with consistent spring warmth. Zoysia is the perfect choice for water restrictions and drought areas!

Our Customers Love Their Zoysia Lawns!

One of our typical customers, Mrs. M.R.Mitter of PA, wrote how "I've never watered it, only when

1 put the Plugs in... Last summer we had it mowed

2 times... When everybody's lawns here are brown from drought, ours just stays as green as ever!"

Order Now And Save!

The more Amazoy " Zoysia Plugs you order, the more you SAVE! And remember, once your Zoysia lawn is established, you'll have an endless supply of new Plugs for planting wherever you need them. Order now!

Meyer Zoysia Grass was perfected by the U.S. Gov't, released in cooperation with the U.S. Golf Association as a superior grass.


©2010 Joys® Farm Nurseries, 3617 OldToneylown Rd, Tmeytown, MB 21787

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