Grow Shrubs And Trees

Whether it's bayberry's (Myrica pensy/vanica) small blue berries, juniper's (Juniperus) sheltering foliage or privet's (Ligustrum) insect-rich leaf litter, shrubs give birds something to sing about. They also offer nesting sites, sleeping perches and caches of nest-building twigs. Holly (//ex) and firethorn (Pyracantha coccinea) offer both prickly cover and food. Trees such as oak (Quercus) summon nest-building tanagers, while dogwood (Cornus) offers fall berries for Eastern bluebirds.


Goldfinches, chickadees, cardinals and titmice pluck seeds from the blooms of cosmos, asters, black-eyed Susans and coreopsis. Lure hummingbirds to nectar-rich bee balm, columbine, salvia and penstemon. They also relish vines such as trumpet honeysuckle (Lonicera semperv/rens), cardinal climber and scarlet runner bean (Phaseo/us coccineus).

ABOVE: A medley of plants, including flowers, grasses and vines, attracts the most bird species. Birds visit plants for food, nesting and shelter.

RIGHT: Goldfinches will flock to your garden in groups, feeding on flower seedheads or taking turns snatching seeds from a feeder.

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ble Canopies

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