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Creature Comfort

Ten ways to turn your yard into a haven for birds

Written by Diane Morey Sitton

Birds animate gardens with moving colors and acrobatic flutters, and their melodies rill the air. Invite these attention-getters by supplying lood, water, shelter and nesting sites. To attract the most bird species, plant fruit-, nut-

and berry-bearing trees and shrubs along with sheltering evergreens. Vitalize sunny sites with nectar- and seed-laden flowers that you and the birds will enjoy Follow these tips to build your own birdscape, and they'll return year after year.

ABOVE: A medley of plants, including flowers, grasses and vines, attracts the most bird species. Birds visit plants for food, nesting and shelter.

Birds Feeding Flowers

RIGHT: Goldfinches will flock to your garden in groups, feeding on flower seedheads or taking turns snatching seeds from a feeder.

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