Mycosphaerella brassicicola ringspot

Cultural measures are of paramount significance for the control of M. brassicicola; seedbeds should be sited well clear of existing crops and be free of infected debris. Infection leads to premature leaf abscission, particularly in overwintered Anger-type cauliflower (B. oleracea var. botrytis); growers encourage rapid production of new foliage in the following spring by applications of nitrogenous top dressings. Autumnal applications of

Ring Spot Cauliflower
Fig. 7.17. Ringspot (Mycosphaerella brassicicola) symptoms on cauliflower leaf.

potassium fertilizers (400 kg/ha) are considered as a further means of combating infection. Hot water treatment may be used to eradicate seed-borne infection by steeping the seed for 20 min at 45°C.

Chemical control has been achieved by using high volume sprays of manganese and zinc compounds applied every 14 days with between four and six times the recommended rate of wetter. The use of such compounds has now been largely discontinued. Resistance to M. brassicicola is claimed to exist in Roscoff-type cauliflower (B. oleracea var. botrytis), which have been selected in commerce for centuries against this pathogen in Brittany, France. In India, differences in disease severity have also been noted, with the cauliflower cv. Improved Japanese exhibiting greatest resistance.

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