Derocerus spp., Arion hortensis and Milax spp. - slugs

Where possible, avoid growing crops on soils that are infested heavily with slugs. Baits such as metaldehyde and methiocarb have been applied as chemical controls. For specialist situations, a parasitic nematode is commercially available as a biological control agent for slugs in the UK, but the product is currently too expensive for widespread field use. The use of some natural fertilizers, such as calcium cyanamide, appears to be associated with reductions in slug populations and is widely used in Germany for the reduction of slug populations in oilseed rape crops. Other natural products such as extracts of garlic have proved effective at controlling slug populations, but sprays require the addition of 'sticker' compounds to prevent them being washed away by rain. Molluscs as crop pests are reviewed by Barker (2002).

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