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The RCBPs offer a source of stimulating and interesting living material for use in classroom education for all levels of age and attainment. Most biology courses make use of model animal materials such as Drosophila spp. (fruit fly). There is little plant material that can be used for courses in botany, horticulture, agriculture, forestry and general science education that matures sufficiently quickly so as to allow experiments to be completed within the 6-8 weeks required by many school and higher educational curricula. Use of RCBPs in such classes allows students to explore aspects of plant growth, development and reproduction, physiology, genetics, evolution and ecology. The RCBPs are well suited to this purpose since their hallmark is remarkably rapid development.

The plants can be induced to flower in 14-18 days, they are small and compact and may be grown at high population densities (e.g. 2500 plants/m2) under continuous illumination in the classroom. The ease of cultivation and array of interesting morphologies makes these plants attractive models for both teachers and students. Fast PlantsTM are becoming integrated into national and international educational programmes particularly in the USA and UK, offering 'hands-on' experience of the principles of plant biology.

Building Your Own Greenhouse

Building Your Own Greenhouse

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