Agrotis spp especially the turnip moth Agrotis segetum cutworms

This pest is of greater significance in seed compared with ware crops. A spatial barrier of 500 m between new and old season seed crops is frequently sufficient to prevent infestation because the adults are weak fliers. Brassica crops vary in their attractiveness to this pest, with fewer eggs being laid in mustard crops such as B. nigra (black mustard), B. juncea (leaf mustard) and B. carinata (Abyssinian mustard) compared with forms of B. rapa and B. napus. Forecasting using computerized prediction systems allows this and other pests

Agrotis Spp

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Fig. 7.11. Line diagram of the turnip moth (cutworm) (Agrotis segetum).

to be controlled by targeted applications of insecticide based on the build up of population numbers relative to prevailing and predicted weather conditions. This pest only causes measurable damage when C. assimilis damages the host pods in advance and provides entry to them.

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    What is the turnip moth named for?
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