The Oldfashioned Outhouse

Next up the ladder of sophistication is the old-fashioned outhouse, also known as the pit latrine. Simply stated, one digs a hole and defecates in it, and then does so again and again until the hole fills up; then it's covered with dirt. It's nice to have a small building or "privy" over the hole to provide some privacy and shelter. However, the concept is simple: dig a hole and bury your excrement. Interestingly, this level of sophistication has not yet been surpassed in America. We still bury our excrement, in the form of sewage sludge, in landfill holes.

Outhouses create very real health, environmental and aesthetic problems. The hole in the ground is accessible to flies and mosquitoes which can transmit diseases over a wide area. The pits leak pollutants into the ground even in dry soil. And the smell — hold your

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