The Human Nutrient Cycle

When crops are produced from soil, it is advisable that the organic residues resulting from those crops, including animal excrements, be returned to the soil from which the crops originated. This recycling of organic residues for agricultural purposes is fundamental to sustainable agriculture. Yet, spokespersons for sustainable agriculture movements remain silent about using humanure for agricultural purposes. Why?

Perhaps the silence is because there is currently a profound lack of knowledge and understanding about what is referred to as the "human nutrient cycle" and the need to keep the cycle intact. The human nutrient cycle goes like this: a) we grow food, b) we eat it, c) we collect and process the organic residues (feces, urine, food scraps and agricultural materials) and d) we then return the processed organic material back to the soil, thereby enriching the soil and enabling more food to be grown. This cycle can be repeated, endlessly. This is a process that mimics the cycles of nature and enhances our ability to survive on this planet. When our food refuse materials are

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