Shallow Irrigation To Mulch Basins

A 55 gallon drum is shown above collecting water from a washing machine or sink drains. The drum may be located in a basement for year-round use and regularly pumped to the outdoor mulch basins around the trees. The hose is perforated only around the trees, where it is buried in a shallow trench under a heavy mulch. Entire length of hose may be buried for frost protection.

Acid loving plants such as rhododendron, azalea, foxglove, hydrangea, fern, gardenia, primrose, begonia, hibiscus, violet, impatiens, and others, should not be used in graywater irrigation systems.

When water under pressure is used for subsurface irrigation, a sleeve system over the irrigation hose, shown at left, will prevent erosion of the soil around the ^ hose area.The sleeve will also prevent clogging of the irrigation hose by insects and roots. For more information contact Carl Lindstrom at

beginning of planter water inlet water inlet


For more information about this system contact: Solar Survival Architecture, PO Box 1041, Taos, NM 87571 USA. Ask for the publication "Grey Water — Containment, Treatment, and Distribution Systems." [Illustration courtesy of Solar Survival Architecture.]


For outside watering or to graywater flush toilet

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