Sawdust Toilet Statistics

One hundred pounds of human body weight will fill approximately three gallons (.4 cubic feet, 693 cubic inches, or approximately 11 liters) in a sawdust toilet per week - this volume includes the sawdust cover material. One hundred pounds of human body weight will also require approximately 3 gallons of semi-dry, deciduous, rotting sawdust per week for use as a cover material in a toilet. This amounts to a requirement of approximately 20 cubic feet of sawdust cover material per one hundred pounds of body weight per year for the proper functioning of a sawdust toilet. Human excrement tends to add weight rather than volume to a sawdust toilet as it is primarily liquid and fills the air spaces in the sawdust. Therefore, for every gallon of sawdust-covered excrement collected in a sawdust toilet, nearly a gallon of cover material will need to be used.

Sawdust Compost ToiletCompost Toilet SawdustCompost Toilet Sawdust

Figure 8.2

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