Crosssection Of A Septic Tank

Source: Penn State College of Agriculture, Cooperative Extension, Agricultural Engineering Fact Sheet SW-165.

employed. When the septic tank isn't draining properly, a pump will kick in and pump the effluent into a pile of sand and gravel above ground (although sometimes a pump isn't necessary and gravity does the job). A perforated pipeline in the pile of sand allows the effluent to drain down through the mound. Sand mounds are usually covered with soil and grass. In Pennsylvania, sand mounds must be at least one hundred feet downslope from a well or spring, fifty feet from a stream, and five feet from a property line.2 According to local excavating contractors, sand mounds cost $5,000 to $12,000 to construct in the early 21st century. They must be built to exact government specifications, and aren't usable until they pass an official inspection.

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