Approximate Sizes Of Single Cell Constructed Wetlands With Leach Field For Individual Homes

Length of lateral Bedrooms Size of wetland cell overflow drain field

Source: Kentucky State Guidelines as indicated in ASPI Technical Series TP-30, Artificial or Constructed Wetlands.

Liners can be made from polyethylene, butyl rubber, PVC, natural clay, or other waterproof material. Washed 2B gravel or pea gravel, of uniform size, can be used as filler. Sand may be useful as a cushion to protect the liner from the gravel. The soil cover is optional; plants can be planted directly into the gravel. Mulch should be coarse enough to stay on top of the gravel. Connector pipes should be 2" to 4" in diameter. The holes in the perforated inlet and outlet pipes are 1/2" to 3/4" in diameter (depending on diameter of pipe).

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